The drawings are complete and names are posted. Click the link above to see who won.


Brian D'Ambrosio
September 20, 2017 Holiday Inn, 12:00 PM

Brian D'Ambrosio is the author of more than 10 books, including, most recently, "Montana and the NFL" and "Shot in Montana: A History of Big Sky Cinema," and his articles have been published in local, regional, and national publications. D'Ambrosio's favorite journalistic topics or subjects: history, music, architecture, vernacular artists, boxing, NHL tough guys, photography, forgotten inventors, and obscure American poets and authors.

Brian sent me a several photos per my request. It was interesting to me that in most of them, he is a small part of the image, as in the one above. It made me think of his view of himself relative to his work. Special thanks to Mary Willmarth for pointing me towards Brian.

Tim Miles
October 4, 2017 Holiday Inn - 12:00 PM and Benefis Cameron Auditorium 5:30 PM

Tim Miles is an amazing individuals that I came across through a recommendation of a member to her co-worker who knew him. Tim had a very successful career in advertising but when his son was diagnosed with Autism, he evaluated his priorities. Something we all need to from time to time but often it takes a major life change to start the process. Now Tim does speaking engagements around the country, giving insight into lessons he has learned from his son that help him in business and life.

Thanks to Benefis Health Systems and the Spirit of Women, Tim will do a second presentation in the Cameron Auditorium geared toward parents and teachers that work with autistic children. That event is free but seating is limited so please RSVP to the office to reserve your seat.






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