David Otey has been a television engineer, a radio DJ, a professional Christmas caroler, a stage actor, and a circus clown. Now he’s a professional speaker and trainer. What’s the common thread he has found uniting these various interests? Storytelling! And what, according to recent research, do companies need to do better, in order to engage their stakeholders and motivate employees? Tell their stories! On February 15, come learn from David both the How and the Why of better storytelling, in a presentation titled, “The Science Behind Why You Love a Good Story.”

After growing up in Texas, David arrived in Great Falls a couple of years ago by way of Denver and Billings. You may have seen him portray Paris Gibson last summer in “Waking the Dead” at the cemetery. Besides coaching speakers in better storytelling, he also gives seminars on leadership development and teambuilding.

To be ready to fully appreciate David’s presentation, be sure to watch as many Super Bowl commercials as you can. Which ones tell a good story?



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