Caitlin Field - Graphic Designer - Amazon
Heritage Inn - November 15 - Noon o'clock

We have a return visit from a great speaker that was here on November 1, 2014. At that time, Caitlin was a graphic designer at Hornall- Anderson, a dream job to be sure ... but ... now she is a graphic designer at Amazon, dream or nightmare? What is it like working for the richest man in the world? Is there constant pressure to make sure he stays the richest man in the world? How compartimentalized is Amazon? What would Great Falls need to do to become Amazon's HQ2? Not a "me-too" Alexa commercial I am hoping. We had a little trouble coordinating with Caitlin as she was treking through Iceland and Sweden for the last couple of weeks, ending her stay at the Mirror Treehouse in Harads.







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