Gabe Silverman - Head Honch - Gecko Designs
October 18, 2017 Heritage Inn - 12:00 PM

Gabriel grew up in Missoula admiring shiny things like fire trucks and aluminum foil.  As a child trapped in an adult’s body, he brings a unique perspective to the marketing industry and probably won’t be asked to speak in public ever again.  Gabriel started Gecko Designs in 1996 during his sophomore year in high school.  The business, now in it’s 21st year, serves clients locally and around the country with super awesome custom websites and other cool stuff like logos and print material.

Gabriel will discuss how Gecko Designs’ web design and development process works, why his team loves WordPress and how the web design and development industry is changing.

Don’t miss this questionable use of your time on Wednesday, October 18th at noon!

Gabriel is pictured here with his colleagues.  He’s the really cool guy in the middle.


Bill Evans - Former GM @ KRTV
Upgrade Customer Service / Increase Profits
Heritage Inn - November 1 - Noon o'clock

Bill Evans currently is living on the central coast of California in San Luis Obispo County. Evans is a veteran of a 45-year TV/Radio career in senior management.  Evans has re-invented himself as a writer/novelist. “I didn’t want anyone in control of my creative future because they thought I was too old. His first book, Murder At Broadcast Park comes out October 15, 2017 and is being published by Koehler Publishing.  He’s written a second book that will be out December 1st under the pen name, Calvin Anthony Lang.  And his third book Live On TV 3 Palm Springs will be out in March.
As a broadcast manager of television stations all over the country Evans was recognized as one of the best sales trainers in local TV sales. His stations won multiple local Emmys as well as many other broadcasting awards.  “One of the things I’m most proud of is the creation of the Charity Challenge, which was designed to help the local non-profits in the Palm Springs area. During its seven-year run Charity Challenge raised over a million dollars to help local charities and call attention to their individual causes.

Bill Evans has been married three times and has four grown children and four grandchildren.  “I love this new career that I’ve invented for myself and I plan to write a lot of good stories to share with people who love to read.”







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