September 3, 2014
Holiday Inn - 12:00 PM
First meeting of the 2014 -2015 Club year
Speaker: Tom Jacobson

Tom Jacobson joined Rural Dynamics, Inc. (RDI) as Executive Director in September of 2003.  His responsibilities include providing strategic direction for the development and administration of RDI initiatives, programs, policy agendas, and public relations efforts.  He has led this 45 year old non-profit agency into expanding its financial counseling programs to assist consumers as they move along an economic continuum from dependence to independence. Tom is also a current legislator in the Montana House of Representatives and was assigned to Taxation, Health and Human Services, and Fish Wildlife and Parks committees in the latest, 63rd session.

Tom and his team turned a 45 year old agency on its head, figuring out what it took to be current. Every concept was worth exploring to come up with the right mix for today's environment. "Thinking outside the box" doesn't even come close to describing this process. Tom also spent time in Africa and learned some quick lessons about himself and others. You will leave this meeting ready to take on any challenges.

Tom is married to Charity Jacobson and together they have three children at home and three in college and on their own. In what spare time they have they enjoy hiking, camping, fishing and most anything that keeps them outdoors.

September 17, 2014
Heritage Inn - 12:00 PM
Speaker: Jeri Mae Rowly

"When times are tough, cowboy up!"
This Saddle Maker’s Daughter weaves together her unique humor and storytelling skills to share Western Wit and Wisdom for the Workplace™. She’s helped businesses, nonprofits, schools, government agencies and associations improve leadership, change management, project management, sales, marketing, communications, and customer service. Jeri Mae has served as president of “almost every organization I’ve belonged to since Lively Livestock 4-H.” She is a Past-President of the National Speaker’s Association’s Mountain West Chapter serving professional speakers in Idaho, Utah, Montana, and Wyoming and serves on the Board of the Richfield, Utah Chamber. She has also served as president of her Chamber of Commerce, Faculty Senate, Convention and Visitor Bureau, Society of Human Resource Managers, and the Montana Speakers Network.

October 1, 2014
Holiday Inn - 12:00 PM
Speaker: TBA

October 14, 2014
Great Falls College - MSU
8:00 AM - 2:30 PM
BAM Workshop

October 15, 2014
Meadow Lark Country Club - 12:00 PM
Speaker: TBA

October 24 -26, 2014
Montana Expo Park - Exhibition Hall

The 3rd Annual Colors of Fall Art Show and Expo. Over 60 artists with work for sale. Learn more:

November 5, 2014
Holiday Inn @ 12:00PM
Speaker: Caitlin Field, Graphic Designer, Hornall-Anderson

We heard from Jack Anderson of Hornall-Anderson a couple of years ago, fantastic presentation. But what about the folks that make it happen, the leprechauns, the menehunes? What is the inside scoop? Caitlin was born and raised in Townsend, MT, graduated from MSU-Bozeman, interned at Mercury and then Hornall-Anderson, ultimately getting hired at H-A. What is it like at a huge agency in a giant city? What are some coping tools that one developes when your environment changes so drastically. What did MSU do right to prepare her for H-A?

November 13, 2014
Location: Mansfield Center
Great Falls, Montana
7:30 PM
An Evening with Bob Newhart

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November 19, 2014
Holiday Inn @ 12:00 PM
Speaker: Mark Raisler, Owner of Headhunters Fly Shop

Mark is a co-owner of Headhunters Fly Shop, and a longtime Missouri River guide and outfitter. Mark claims the Missouri River courses through his veins, and you will not find another angler with more devotion to the Mighty Mo’, or more knowledge about it’s history, fish, hatches and people. Mark is a “teaching” guide, and spends many days showing his guests the intricacies of downstream dry fly presentations. How do you market a business to an international demographic? How do you produce a product despite Montana weather? How do you corral a group of "independent thinkers" to provide a consistant experience? These answers and more.

December 3, 2014
Holiday Inn Lobby - 5:00 PM - Infinity

Holiday Event, Food, drinks and fun all for a great cause. What ever money we raise while having fun, gets matched by GFAF and a nice check goes to the Children's Receiving Home. What could be more about Christmas than that?



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