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Ryan Rickert - Clean Slate Group
November 2, 2016
Heritage Inn, 12:00 PM

You can’t’ drive around Bozeman without noticing the creative and colorful wraps found on many utility boxes on corners. The company responsible, CleanSlateGroup.org, was founded and is owned by local entrepreneur Ryan Rickert.

Ryan got his start in the entrepreneurial world with a handful of small businesses that ranged from a special events company (SK Promotions), to a mens underwear and high end beard shaving accessories (FAIN, inc), to caffeinated hot sauce (Macho Macho Caffeinated Hot Sauce Company). After the sale or failure of these projects, he bounced back by becoming a franchisee for a teeth-whitening company, which upon the close of the business left Ryan with about $90,000 in dental equipment he couldn’t use.

After dusting himself off, in 2011 Rickert founded Clean Slate Group, which focused on reducing graffiti and giving back to troubled youth. The business just celebrated it’s 5 year of business and has grown 16x since year one. Clean Slate Group and TheWrapAgency.com, the signage and wrap side of the business, has 16 employees with offices in Bozeman & Sioux Falls, SD. They have completed projects in 8 states and have pending projects in 24 states.

Ryan proudly lives in Bozeman, with his beautiful wife (Maggie) and two sons (Berron & Bradford).

In January of 2015, Ryan launched his latest product, a craft beer and brewery finder mobile application called PintPass (free on iOS & Android). They have the provisional patent on the ability to “Text-A-Beer” or any unit of food or beverage via their technology. The App had three main features;
1) Discover and explore new breweries and craft beer
2) Optional membership gives you discounted pints/growlers at all participation breweries and free food for drinking 2 local beers, at participating restaurants
3) *Text-A-Beer (T.A.B) feature allows you to send your contacts a beer via email or text

Jennifer Pelej - Montana Department of Tourism
November 16, 2016
Heritage Inn, 12:00 PM

Holiday Event
December 7, 2016
Holiday Inn, 5:30 PM



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