April 15, 2015
Heritage Inn @ 12:00
Great Falls College - MSU Advertising Class

The advertising class from GFC-MSU, led by Terry Dwyer, put together a pair of campaigns to address hunger issues in Great Falls. One is targeted toward parents to inform them about help that is available while the other campaign is targeting potential donors to help with the problem.

We all saw some media coverage last year that has some shocking statistics regarding homelessness and hunger in our school system. It is encouraging to see the next generation making a difference.

The students will be presenting both campaigns and would love to get some constructive criticism to fine tune the product. Much like the National Student Advertising Competition which is taking place in Boise on Friday, this is our local college making a difference right in our own backyard.

May 6, 2015
Heritage Inn @ 12:00
Campaign Meeting

Not that campaign, even though it is just 82 weeks away. This is the campaign meeting for you to meet the folks that have stepped up to help direct Ad Club. We have a full slate running for the Board of Directors so be sure to come hear what each of the candidates has to say.
May 20, 2015
Meadow Lark Country Club @ 5:30
Awards Meeting



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